Friday, May 16, 2008

Live from New York...

Sorry about the title of this blog post. I couldn't resist.

Kris and I arrived in Brooklyn yesterday afternoon. I'm here for a the VII Photo Agency Seminar, which started today (more about that below), and my dear husband is tagging along because, well, who wouldn't want to tag along on a trip to NYC?

Yesterday, after getting lost trying to find a pizza place, we stumbled across the Brooklyn Bridge...


The bridge is exactly how I thought it would be... long, big and beautiful. We saw the remnants of a fender bender on the bridge plus a great view of Manhattan.

After walking around the financial district (and having a beer) we stumbled upon Battery Park and caught some men fishing...


This man had to throw the fish back because it was too small... I think that would be big in Minnesota...


Fish as bait

The best deal in NYC is definitely the Staten Island Ferry (it's free, and you go right by the Statue of Liberty AND you get to see a great view of the skyline)...



(This awesome photo is by my AWESOME husband)

On the way back, we took another stroll through Battery Park...



So, yes... we came back pretty sore. I guess we're not used to walking. I'm particularly sore today, and it's pretty painful to walk. Luckily (or not so luckily) it's raining today, so, it allows me to give my leg a break.


Today was the first day of the seminar and I'm already inspired to do something more as a photographer. The members of the agency are so incredibly focused and talented. It reminds me why I fell in love with journalism. There is something so incredibly beautiful with the raw truth.


Nathan said...

I love the busted $3 umbrella! You know, when it rains there's a truck that drives around and picks up umbrellas from street corners. Just a whole big truck of busted umbrellas.

Kates said...

Sooooo jealous right now!

Al said...

Awesome. Those photos are so ... New Yorkish.